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How to deal with the victim in the workplace

How to deal with the victim in the workplace

The victim in the work place is someone who is pessimistic and will find everything whats wrong within the organization. Everyone is out to get them but they are innocent and ever since they were born the world has taken a dislike to them for whatever reason.

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by James Mason

The victim is more likely to have imposter syndrome, in which they have self-doubts about performing almost any task that is performance-related and falls under the purview of their job description.

They will decline any invitations to key meetings, especially if they have been chosen to host them or even to offer comments on a specific project.

People who are intelligent and skilled at their occupations are those the victim wants to avoid like the plague because they are content to work as little as possible in order to avoid making a mistake that senior management might catch.

The company would go bankrupt in a month if victims made up even 25% of the workforce

It is difficult to dismiss the victim from the organization since they would have planned and kept track of every instance in which they had been victimised in some way.

They will continually complain about their jobs and make threats to quit, but they never follow through because they are genuinely the victims of their own circumstances.

If they do, you can be sure that nothing will change and the employess will quickly realise that they will be trapped with this parasite for months or even years if they are lucky enough to find another job opening.

I need to be saved by a colleague?

Victims like knights in shining armour to rescue them from any sort of conflict as challenging another employee in the business is pointless as they are the victim.

Why am I a failure?

They're are under the misconception that everything they do will fail and normally they do because of their mindset. They will always see the problem before the idea of a solution could ever be introduced.

Why does playing the victim feel good?

Someone with the victim mentatility may take a perverted pleasure when people pay them attention or feel sorry for them as a result of their misforune. Refusing to take ownership can be gratifying and when harm is inflicted on others.

How to strategically deal with the victim

If you are ambitious and a victim is on your team, you may consider adopting some of the attributes of a high achiever in order to survive this hapless victim.

To establish your worth rather than theirs, you might even go so far as to become a martyr and take on some, if not all, of the victims work.

This will make things tough for them when complaining to the manager and may get you promoted out of the team.

Alternatively, a disciplinary procedure may begin, during which the victim will need to present more proof of their work performance.

Recognize the symptoms of a victim mentality

A team member may have a victim mindset if they consistently exhibit any or all of the following traits or behaviours:  

  • When something goes wrong or if they fall short of a goal or plan, they frequently place the blame elsewhere.
  • They frequently discuss their difficulties in discussion, hoping that other people will feel bad for them.
  • They frequently imply that others' paths to success are simpler because they receive better jobs or preferential treatment.
  • They frequently discuss their difficulties in discussion, hoping that other people will feel bad for them.
  • They may decline the opportunity to participate in enjoyable office activities or may deny that they are having fun.
  • Compared to their co-workers, they appear to be drawn to drama and bad luck in excess.
  • They might only agree to do something after making subtly offensive passive-
Warning: Pretending to be an expert in mental health treatment is dangerous because you will rapidly go in over your head. Let doctors who specialise in psychiatry make the diagnoses. Always try to avoid categorising people and making them into stereotypes. 


People who have a victim mentality think that someone or something else is to blame for all of their shortcomings and bad luck.

They need to be dealt with quickly and effectively since their never-ending dramas and justifications can be detrimental to team morale and output.

Avoiding charges of prejudice, bullying, or unjust treatment is crucial.
Therefore, as soon as you suspect that you're working with a victim mindset, involve HR.

This can also be accomplished by keeping a thorough record of all your encounters with a "victim." Additionally, you can use team-building activities to boost engagement and trust among your team members.

You could perhaps do things the old fashioned way

If the victim only works enough to scrape by and rarely misses work due to illness, you're going to have a serious problem.

HR cannot officially fire someone while they are in this safe zone unless they are essentially doing nothing.

The only option in this situation is to take on the role of the snake and use every trick in the book to get them fired.

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