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"Unveiling the Mystery: Are Web Developers Alien Innovators or Digital Wizards?"
A group of web developers hiding out in a professor's mansion in 2019

"Unveiling the Mystery: Are Web Developers Alien Innovators or Digital Wizards?"

Exploring the mythos of web developers: are they alien mutants or tech prodigies? From the pre-digital age's cumbersome tapes to today's instant digital access, we delve into theories of their origins, spanning Chernobyl mutations to train spotting legacies.

James Mason profile image
by James Mason

Do web developers belong to a higher echelon of beings, perhaps akin to extraterrestrials or minor deities, due to their extraordinary abilities that seem beyond the reach of ordinary folks?

Might it be reasonable to entertain the notion that our society is interspersed with mutants, given the existence of web developers, programmers, data architects, coders, computer scientists, and specialists in algorithms, who collectively form this distinct cadre of individuals?

Reflecting on the Pre-Digital Era

Delving into the realm of technological evolution, the 1980s bore striking similarities to the decades preceding it, such as the 1970s and 1960s, especially in terms of information storage and management. During that era, physical file cabinets brimmed with documents, a stark contrast to the digital files we manage in applications like Microsoft Word today.

The era was characterized by the prevalent use of traditional typewriters, notorious for their misalignments and the cumbersome process of changing print ribbons. The luxury of in-home telephony was scarce, compelling individuals to brave adverse weather conditions to access a communal red telephone box for making calls.

Social interaction was vastly different, with pen pals representing the era's version of social networking, often limited to a single correspondent and marked by the anticipation of postal deliveries.

The concept of instant communication was foreign, with people accustomed to prolonged waits for responses to mailed photographs.

Audio entertainment was primarily through radio cassette players, considered state-of-the-art at the time. However, attempting to record music from the radio often resulted in frustration, as broadcasters would frequently interrupt the beginning or end of a song, much to the dismay of the listener.

The Digital Music Revolution

Instant Access and Infinite Possibilities
Today, the landscape of music consumption has transformed dramatically. The concept of illegal downloading, though ethically questionable, highlights the ease with which we can now access a vast array of music. Legally, streaming services offer a more ethical alternative, allowing us to enjoy an extensive music library for a modest fee. Reflect on the storage capabilities of modern technology: what once required bulky physical media can now be stored on a minuscule memory stick or in the cloud, seemingly floating above us.

Nostalgia vs. Modernity in Music Playback
Rewinding to the 1980s, music enthusiasts would eagerly await the weekend, tuning in to their favourite radio station's top 40 countdown, fingers poised over the record and play buttons of their cassette players. This ritual encapsulated the anticipation and excitement of capturing a favourite song on tape. Contrast this with the present day, where the entire process is distilled into mere seconds of interaction with a digital device, allowing us to play or download any track instantly.

The Quirks of Analog Audio
Reflecting on the quirks of the analogue era, cassette tapes, once a staple of audio recording and playback, were notoriously fickle, often becoming ensnared within the gears of tape decks, ruining recordings unexpectedly. The scenario of a DJ stepping away, perhaps for a break, during the exact moment your favourite song played, and the ensuing tape jam, epitomizes the unpredictable nature of analogue media. Today, such frustrations are largely relics of the past, replaced by the streamlined and user-friendly experience of digital music consumption.

Linking the Past with Web Development

The Journey from Moon Landings to Web Innovation

Reflecting on the significant technological milestones, it's fascinating to consider that just a quarter century after humanity's monumental achievement of landing a man on the moon, the technological landscape evolved dramatically. This journey from celestial exploration to digital innovation sets the stage for understanding the enigmatic nature of web developers.

Web Developers: The Alleged Extraterrestrial Connection

One might speculate that web developers, with their seemingly otherworldly skills, share a lineage with alien intelligence. Their advent in the early 1980s coincides intriguingly with the cultural impact of the 1982 film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial." This period marked a transition in technology and imagination, paving the way for the birth of digital wizardry that web developers embody today.

The Evolution of Media and Perception

The contrast between the tangible, instant imagery of Polaroid photos and today's digital multimedia landscape underscores the evolution of technology and perception. Polaroids, with their physicality and immediacy, were once marvelled at as peak technological innovation, much like how web development is viewed today. This evolution from analogue to digital, from physical to virtual, mirrors the shift in how we perceive and interact with technological advancements, positioning web developers as the modern-day magicians of the digital realm.

The Origins of Web Development Genius

Connecting the Cosmic Dots

Reflecting on the monumental achievement of landing a man on the moon approximately 25 years before the advent of mainstream web technology, one begins to ponder the evolution that led to the rise of web developers. Could these technological savants be the offspring of extraterrestrial intelligence, possibly visiting Earth around the cinematic release of "E.T." in 1982, hinting at a deeper cosmic connection?

The Chernobyl Hypothesis

The Chernobyl disaster of 1985 presents another thought-provoking theory. The resultant radioactive cloud, which affected vast swathes of Western Europe, Asia, and beyond, may have induced genetic mutations in some individuals. This bizarre twist of fate could have catalyzed the birth of a new generation, possessing an innate prowess in technology and giving rise to the web developers of today.

Unlikely Progenitors: Trainspotters and Planespotters

In a curious twist, the meticulous hobbyists of the past, like train and planespotters, might have inadvertently contributed to the gene pool of modern web developers. The intense dedication and perhaps the unique environments of these enthusiasts could have triggered a biochemical transformation, resulting in offspring endowed with exceptional technological aptitude.

Mastery of the Digital Realm

These individuals, possibly shaped by such extraordinary origins, have emerged as the masters of the digital age. They navigate and sculpt the realm of the internet, MP3 technology, and software development with an almost otherworldly ease. Their creations enable the instantaneous sharing of life's minutiae across the globe, transforming everyday experiences into digital phenomena that connect us all in unprecedented ways. Whether it's sharing a photo, complaining about a rough day, or broadcasting personal achievements, web developers have crafted the platforms that make such global interactions possible, underpinning the social fabric of the digital era.

The list below is what you can do online without leaving your house, in no particular order

  • Order fast food
  • Order Alcohol
  • Education and online sex courses
  • Download free movies
  • Crowdfunding
  • Gambling
  • Date somebody online
  • Order clothes
  • keep fit online
  • Bid for items at the auctioneers
  • Work from home
  • Order an Airfix kit to play with
  • Online board games
  • Conference Meetings/Family
  • Message insurance companies online without having to talk to them. (Total respect to the mutants for this one)
  • Banking
  • Read the news
  • Speak to Santa Claus
  • Play an online concert

The Truth Or Conspiracy Theory

This amazing technology was built by mutant web developers who were never able to mingle, so they made sure that no one else could either. If they are aliens, this could explain why they have difficulties conversing with other humans during social occasions.

James Mason profile image
by James Mason

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