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"Mastering the Art of Calling in Sick: Top 10 Tips for a Seamless Excuse"

"Mastering the Art of Calling in Sick: Top 10 Tips for a Seamless Excuse"

"Master the art of work avoidance with our top dodges! From Liam Neeson-style abductions to dog bites, we've got you covered. Get ready to call in sick like a pro! #WorkDodge #Excuses"

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by The Office Bantomime Team

Picture this: It's a gloomy Monday morning, and the relentless downpour outside your window sounds like a freight train crashing through your dreams. The clock reads 7 a.m., but it might as well be the middle of the night. You had no intention of partying like it was the end of the world last night, but that bottle of wine had other plans. Now, a sledgehammer seems to have taken up residence in your head, and the time has come to peel yourself out of bed.

But as you muster the courage to face the day, a brilliant thought suddenly dawns on you—it's been ages since you played the "call in sick" card. You rack your brain, struggling to recall the last time you were genuinely under the weather, and it feels like you're searching for a needle in a haystack. The prospect of two extra hours of blissful slumber before dialling your boss to declare your workplace absence fills you with an inexplicable joy.

Just as you're about to drift back into dreamland, a jolt of panic strikes. You realize that you now need a convincing excuse. Crafting a believable lie to feed your boss over the phone is a formidable task. It dawns on you that even when you were legitimately ill, you felt like you were weaving a web of deceit.

Fear not! We've got your back. In this blog, we'll guide you through the art of calling in sick with finesse. We've compiled a list of excuses that you should steer clear of, as well as ten golden excuses that have been masterfully conjured by some of the world's top work avoiders. Get ready to call in sick like a pro, and leave your boss none the wiser!

Work Dodge List One: 10 Excuses to Avoid (or Use with Extreme Caution)

  1. Tummy Upset: While it's a classic, faking an upset stomach on a Monday morning might raise eyebrows. How convenient to have digestive issues right after the weekend! Plus, a brief bout of tummy trouble isn't convincing enough; you'd be in the hospital for food poisoning.
  2. Flu: The flu typically keeps you bedridden for days. Using it for just one day might make you seem deceitful. Beware, your boss may question your commitment if you miraculously recover the next day.
  3. Headache: Claiming a headache is risky. Headaches usually don't last long, and a couple of painkillers should suffice. You'll be expected back at work within a few hours, and even if it's a migraine, it shouldn't last the whole day. Using this excuse, especially for a full day, is likely to be seen as a lie.
  4. Backache: While a backache isn't a terrible excuse, if you want a day off, you'll need to commit to it. You must convincingly display signs of pain, and when you eventually return to work, make sure everyone sees your discomfort. Otherwise, your cover might be blown.
  5. Flooded Kitchen: This old excuse might work, but nowadays, you can still work from home while waiting for a plumber to deal with your "flooded kitchen." If you're just trying to escape the commute, remember your boss might not be thrilled if you spend the day watching TV.
  6. Rash: While a rash can be a legitimate concern, it won't necessarily prevent you from working from home. Use this excuse only if your goal is to avoid going into the office.
  7. Hangover: Unless you've witnessed your boss engaging in a scandalous affair at the company Christmas party the night before, avoid using a hangover as an excuse. This reason is an exception only in such situations.
  8. Twisted Ankle: It's a reasonable excuse, but twisted ankles don't heal overnight. Consider taking a few days off, emphasizing your pain before your boss suggests working from home. Maintain the limp when you return to work to avoid suspicion.
  9. Chickenpox: This one is a long shot. You can only use it once with the same organization, and you'll need more than one day off. Applying fake red dots convincingly is crucial, but it's a risky move.
  10. Mugged: Using a mugging as an excuse might require self-inflicted injuries to provide evidence. Alternatively, you could claim emotional distress from the incident. Be prepared for curious colleagues to ask questions, and be cautious not to slip up.

Work dodge list two. (The best work dodges on the planet)

  1. The Liam Neeson Dodge: Imagine you're hiding under the bed with your phone, claiming there are intruders in your house, and you're about to be taken. This excuse is for the truly committed.
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  1. Bitten by a Dog: Pretend you've been bitten by a dog on your way to work. Stock up on bandages, black thread, and skin-safe glue to create a convincing wound. You can take 2 or 3 days off, but be ready for curious coworkers who might want to inspect your "scar."
  2. Final Destination: Tell your boss you've foreseen a train derailment where everyone perishes. Act paranoid and frightened, and bring up past "foreseeings" like company redundancies or sports predictions for added credibility.
  3. Neighbour'sneighbour Suicide Attempt: Claim your neighbor is on the verge of suicide, and you're trying to talk them down from their roof. Set up timed alarm alerts if you plan to enjoy your day while providing hourly updates to your boss. By evening, report a successful intervention for hero status at work.
  4. Helping MI5 with a Terrorist Investigation: Mention that you're assisting MI5 with a top-secret terrorist investigation. No further details can be disclosed due to classification.
  5. Adopted: Tearfully inform your boss that you've just discovered you're adopted and need time off to cope with the shock.
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  1. Exorcism: Say you've arranged for a local parish priest to exorcise your house, and the spirit entity disrupts your internet and locks you inside. You're effectively trapped and unable to work.
  2. Soup Kitchen: Claim that your local soup kitchen urgently needs your assistance to feed the homeless all day long. It's a selfless act that's hard to decline.
  3. Sinkhole: Describe a dramatic incident where your car tumbled into a sinkhole while commuting. You're unharmed but too traumatized to work, either in the office or from home.
  4. Goldfish's Terminal Cancer: Tell your boss that your beloved goldfish, Goldie, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. You need time to make his remaining days special.

With this list of creative excuses, you're prepared for any unexpected need to call in sick. Just remember to use them wisely, and consider the consequences of your actions at work.

The Office Bantomime Team profile image
by The Office Bantomime Team

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