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How to deal with nerds in the workplace

How to deal with nerds in the workplace

You have your work cut out for you if you work for a technology business as the middle person, serving the public while collaborating with the technical staff linked by a single brain.

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by The Office Bantomime Team

Why do some technical nerds lose the ability to speak in the workplace?

Nerds find it challenging to communicate technical information to non-technical stakeholders. However, it is imperative to find a way to effectively communicate the information in a way that is easy to understand. One way to do this is to use simple language and avoid technical jargon. Additionally, providing visual aids such as diagrams or flowcharts can help to clarify the information.

Another helpful strategy is to find examples or use cases the non-technical person can somehow relate to. If you are still having trouble explaining the technical jargon, it may be advisable to have a more experienced nerd team member assist in the explanation who may be classed as a hybrid. Half nerd and half human.

Nerds have the mentality that they must keep working and interact with one another like the alien borg from the star trek tv series, continually oblivious to the mortal employees who try to understand putting together a non technical response in an apology to customer when one of their servers decides to crash and burn.

The obsession with correctness among many technical nerds is another instance of black-and-white thinking. They frequently go through this because they are insecure. They need assurance because the risk of meaningful conversation and interpersonal connections is too hazardous for them.

A nerd once said that since non-technical people only use 1% of their brainpower, it's easier to ignore them and stop communicating with them by phone, email, or any other messaging app because they can't comprehend what a nerd is capable of.

10 ways to encourage nerds to be human just like you

Nerds should always be treated with respect and professionally, whether you think they are "dweebs, geeks, or sociopaths." Here are some pointers for dealing with co-workers that might be associated to being classed as a nerd at work:

1.Be open-minded and willing to learn from them. It's worth Keeping an open mind and being prepared to pick up tips from them. Many employees who are associated as being "nerds" have extensive knowledge and expertise in their disciplines, making them excellent resources for learning and career advancement.

In a crisis, nerds can unquestionably help, especially if technology is involved.
If you accidentally download pornographic software that has ruined your hard drive, there's a good chance only a nerd can help you. To prevent a repeat of the fatal incident, document everything the nerd does to fix the problem. If you catch them at the proper time, nerds can teach you some helpful hacks and bail you out of any trouble.

2. Communicate clearly and respectfully. Try to avoid using slang or words that might be unknown to nerds and speak inclusively.

Just fu*king do it (JFDI).

3. Show appreciation for their contributions. Recognize and value the expertise and skills that they bring to the team.

Propose a "Best Nerd of the Month Award" or give a bonus to a nerd who can convert a tonne of technical jargon into a comprehensible text describing how to restart a service to fix a problem.
Imagine a report that the client can read and comprehend.

4. Be open to collaboration. Collaborating with coworkers who are passionate about their work can be rewarding and productive.

This will require more thought.

5. Set boundaries, as needed. It's important to establish healthy boundaries in any professional relationship. If you feel that a coworker is being overly demanding or intrusive, it's okay to set limits and communicate your boundaries.

If a nerd is lurking around your desk while you're watching a reel of people doing foolish things on Instagram, suggest and be clear that you don't want to talk to them. Whether or not you are on a lunch break, you have a right to this therapy.

6. Avoid stereotypes and assumptions. It's important to approach all coworkers as individuals and not make assumptions about their interests or abilities based on stereotypes.

If they love strategy board games, dungeons and dragons, reenactment societies, war figure painting, building computers, collecting stamps, memoribillia, star trek and star wars convention visits, read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit and Dune, comic books, trading card games, Astronomy, model building, puzzle games and pizza. So be it!

7. Be open to different communication styles. Some persons may come seem as "nerdy" because of their more restrained or analytical communication approaches.

The next time you need something from them, try to be patient and understanding while communicating your needs in a clear and concise manner by threatening them with bodily harm.

8. Seek common ground. To foster a good working relationship with a nerd, identify areas of similar interest or objectives.

You could engage in a casual game of chess during your lunch break.
Together, you could take a stroll in the park to see if you can outwit the nerd by recalling the periodic table. Ask challenging questions about code or math and make them comfortable chatting with you.You never know when you'll need a nerd's support, so if you can handle any of this for a few days a week, you might find a friend in the workplace but don't see them outside of work.

9. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you need assistance or have questions, don't be afraid to ask for help. Your coworkers, including those who may be considered "nerds," are likely happy to help and share their knowledge.

If the nerd doesn't react, start a conversation on a  messaging chat tool and label it "Game Board Advice" while adding every geek you know who works there. Ask questions regarding challenging gameboard instructions.They will put away all tools and prosper as a result. The true question you want to ask them can then be asked, because you haven't a care in the world about board games.

10. Be respectful of their personal space and boundaries. Just as it's important to set boundaries for yourself, it's also important to respect the boundaries of others.

If a coworker prefers to have some alone time or space, respect their wishes and go direct to their line manager and cc them in on an email stating that you haven't had a response. Include your manager aswell or perhaps even your team and their team.

Overall, it's important to approach all coworkers with respect and professionalism, and to try to build positive working relationships with them at whatever cost possible.

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by The Office Bantomime Team

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