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Has anyone ever stolen your lunch at work?

Has anyone ever stolen your lunch at work?

Stealing someones lunch at work is probably the closest thing to murder.

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by The Office Bantomime Team

After putting in the effort to get up early and make yourself sandwiches, someone in your office decides to steal them from you.

When it comes to taking your food, why would somebody dare to sink so low and have no morals? Even though you had been sitting in a cesspit of a customer dissatisfaction meeting all morning, your lunch was waiting for you in the fridge. While your clients were driving you mad, you had something to look forward to. Then, when the conference is finally over, you open the fridge door to find that your lunch has vanished.

You check the workplace, hoping for a simple error, but the individual opted to steal not only your sandwiches and salad, but also the can of cola, strawberry yoghurt, and banana that were sitting near them in the fridge. Everything was taken. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Could the thief be one of your closest colleagues?

You decide to search the bins and desk drawers of your closest coworkers for any minor detail of a sign that your lunch had been present in somebody's gob. There is nothing visible, not even crumbs. Whoever it was, they were skilled at stealing lunch. You were not dealing with a novice.

What if it was someone you liked and trusted? They might think you're a softie who wouldn't mind if someone stole your meal. When you're starving and desperate for food, you're not going to be a soft touch. You might become enraged and point your finger at a prospective suspect.

You ask around to check whether anyone has seen anyone carrying your lunch. Nobody can assist you. This was going to be difficult because the suspect may have just left the building and is enjoying your lunch in the parking lot.

You report the incident to your line manager, who appears uninterested. He has many more important things to do.

Report the theft to human resources

Is it necessary to escalate the matter to the Human Resources department? It's a tad excessive, but we're talking about thievery. You make a visit to an HR representative, but she and her coworkers appear to find the whole thing hilarious. Your heart begins to race. She promises to send an email to the company alerting everyone that stealing colleagues' lunch will not be permitted, but she never does.

The hunger games

As you journey around the building in search of the traitor who stole your food, the hunger gets terrible. At the very least, a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar from the vending machine will get you through the rest of the day. However, even this machine has been plundered by employees trying to stock their office drawers with candy in order to maintain energy and performance levels.

There are no signs or clues on any of the floors you visit, making it nearly impossible to find your food. It was all over.

You see the CEO's office door is open, and you even suspect him as you examine his entire office for a clue. Everyone is a potential suspect.

Is a CEO a gangster in a suit?
A CEO holds power and has to make some ruthless decisions for the better and success of the business. Could their influence and actions be similar to that of a mob boss?

You find no indication that he stole your lunch, so you swiftly leave and return to your desk below. It had been two hours since you started looking, and it was already late in the afternoon. You're disoriented at this point, and the hunger cramps in your stomach are becoming stronger. You have no idea how many emails or phone calls you have missed.

Your boss appears from around the corner and inquires as to why you failed to attend the meeting he had scheduled with you earlier. He storms out, leaving you barely able to speak because you hadn't eaten in so long.

The day at the workplace comes to a conclusion, and you rush to your car, eager to get home and cook a meal. It was going to be a huge supper, and you were going to make sure it was junk food.

When you get home, you run through the front door and into the kitchen, opening all the cupboards for anything that can be cooked quickly to satisfy your tremendous hunger.

You next proceed to the refrigerator and open the door...

Please leave any comments and let us know if anyone has actually stolen any lunch from you in the workplace. The Bantomime team would love to hear your feedback.😊

The Office Bantomime Team profile image
by The Office Bantomime Team

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