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Escaping the Toxic Workplace: 3 Strategies for Finding a New Job and Surviving the Interim

Escaping the Toxic Workplace: 3 Strategies for Finding a New Job and Surviving the Interim

Feeling trapped in a toxic organisation? Learn practical tips and strategies to make your escape, find a new job, and maintain your sanity in the process.

James Mason profile image
by James Mason

Being stuck in a toxic work environment is akin to being in a bad relationship that keeps deteriorating. You realize that you need to leave, but the thought of actually doing it can be overwhelming. Fear sets in and that constant loop of "I'll begin looking for jobs tomorrow" starts to replay for days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years for some individuals.

Are you feeling drained due to constant negativity, lack of respect or an overall unhealthy work atmosphere? It's not worth sacrificing your mental and physical health for it. However, don't worry, there's hope! I am here to guide you through the challenging times and help you break free from the toxic work environment that's hindering your true potential. Let's find you an organisation that values and appreciates you.

Let's explore how you can make your escape and why it's crucial for your overall well-being.

Let's start by identifying the telltale signs of a toxic workplace. These may include:

Recognise The Signs

  • Constant negativity and gossip
  • Lack of communication and support from management,
  • Unfair treatment and lack of recognition,
  • High turnover rates, and general employee dissatisfaction.

If your gut feeling is telling you to leave, it's important to listen to it and take action. Recognising these signs is the first step towards making a positive change in your life.

Strategy 1: Planning Your Escape

Start Your Job Search ASAP

"People often say that the best time to search for a job is when you are currently employed. This is because employers generally prefer candidates who are already employed, as it shows that they are capable of holding a job."

To begin your job search, start with updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. Make sure to emphasize your skills, accomplishments, and the positive aspects of your current and previous roles. Networking is key during this time, so don't hesitate to reach out to your contacts, attend industry events, and consider using job search platforms to find opportunities that align with your career goals.

Create A Top-Notch Resume

There are various online resume writing services that can assist you in creating an effective resume to catch the attention of potential employers. I personally found TopCV's services to be exceptional in updating my resume, which made a significant difference in attracting employers. You can check out the link provided below for more information.

Professional CV Writers - CV Writing Company
TopCV’s professional CV writers are ready to assist you! With three CV packages offering CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn writing services, what you need.

Chat GPT is an alternative that can help you create an attractive CV for the current job market.

Keep Uploading Your Resume To Job Sites

A useful suggestion would be to frequently upload your resume to job websites such as the ones mentioned below. Even if you have already registered and your resume is in their database, uploading it frequently can increase its visibility to potential recruiters.

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Why You?: 101 Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again (Audio Download): James Reed, James Reed, Penguin Audio: Books

Skill Up

If you're interested in a job that requires skills you don't currently have, it's a good idea to work on developing those skills. You can take advantage of online courses, workshops, and seminars to help you build up your skills and knowledge. Not only will this help you improve your resume, but it will also give you more confidence in your abilities. Some good places to look for learning resources include Udemy and LinkedIn, as well as YouTube, which offers many free courses.

Strategy 2: Dealing with the Toxicity

Keep To Your Boundaries

It is crucial to set boundaries to protect your mental well-being while you are still working in your current profession. This entails learning to say no to requests, disconnecting from work after hours, and avoiding workplace politics. Remember that you are in survival mode until you can leave. It is important to work hard, but avoid overworking yourself.

Find Your Support System

It's important to have a strong support system in both your personal and professional life. Whether it's your colleagues who can relate to what you're going through, or friends and family outside of work, having someone to talk to can make a significant difference. Don't underestimate the power of venting to someone who gets it. You might be surprised to learn how many of your coworkers in the same organisation feel the same way you do.

Focus on Your Wellbeing

This might mean different things to different people. Maybe it's diving into a hobby after work, practising meditation, or exercising. Whatever helps you recharge, make it a priority.

Strategy 3: Making the Leap

The Power of Your Notice Period

When the time arrives, and you have secured a new job, it can be a thrilling yet daunting experience to hand in your notice. It's essential to remain professional, and brief, and avoid expressing any negative feelings or complaints. The objective is to leave your current job on a positive note and try not to damage any relationships you have established. It's best to avoid burning any bridges.

Prepare for the Transition

When leaving a toxic workplace, you may experience a range of emotions such as relief and anxiety. It is crucial to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the transition. Remember that you are moving towards something better, and keep a positive mindset by focusing on the new environment and people you will be interacting with.


Q: How do I explain leaving a toxic workplace in interviews?

A: Focus on the positive aspects of what you're looking for in a new role rather than the negatives of your current situation. Frame it as a desire for growth and new challenges.

Q: What if I can't find a job immediately?

A: Sometimes the job search takes longer than expected. Consider freelance or part-time work in the meantime. It's also an opportunity to reassess your career goals and possibly pivot to something new.

Q: What if I find the first few days in my new job difficult?

Just give it a chance and see how things work out by the end of the week. You might be surprised how things can improve if you just give it some time. If you still face any issues, do not hesitate to mention them to your line manager, who should be able to provide you with the necessary support.

Wrapping Up (But Not in Bubble Wrap)

Escaping a toxic workplace is not just about leaving a bad situation; it's about moving towards a healthier, happier professional life. It requires courage, planning, and a bit of grit. But remember, you're not alone. Many have navigated this path successfully, and you can too.

So, here's to new beginnings and the courage to say, "Enough is enough." Your mental health, happiness, and overall well-being are worth it. And who knows? The best job of your life might just be around the corner, waiting for you to leap.

Remember, escaping a toxic workplace isn't just an end—it's a bright beginning to a new chapter in your career.

You got this, now go and escape.😄

James Mason profile image
by James Mason

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