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5 Reasons Why Our Boss Does Not Know What We Do As A Team?

5 Reasons Why Our Boss Does Not Know What We Do As A Team?

In this blog, discover why your boss might be unaware of your team's efforts. From communication gaps to the intricacies of technical tasks, find insights on fostering better understanding and support for effective teamwork.

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by James Mason

It's disheartening to consider the possibility that our boss may not fully comprehend our daily tasks, let alone the collective efforts of our team. Yet, somehow, they manage to convince higher-ups that the team would crumble without their involvement.

But why does this happen?

The success of leading a team undeniably hinges on the manager's competence. A manager with a thorough understanding of their team's activities fosters transparency within the team. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in situations where their boss remains oblivious to the team's expectations and day-to-day operations.

If you're finding yourself trapped in this nightmare of having to carry a useless sack of potatoes, you are not alone.

Let's take a look at some reasons your boss might not have a clue what you do.

1) Lack of Transparent Communication

One straightforward explanation for your boss's lack of awareness could be the team's failure to maintain transparent communication. If the team neglects to regularly update the manager on daily operations, progress, and challenges, your boss will inevitably remain uninformed. However, it is the manager's responsibility to guarantee that the team keeps them in the loop regarding crucial updates through consistent engagement in daily or weekly calls and meetings.

Without such interaction, the boss is bound to be disconnected from the day-to-day functioning of the team.

2) Task Complexity: A Manager's Role In Technical Realms

When your team comprises skilled computer programmers and database engineers, and your manager lacks technical expertise in their roles, it doesn't diminish the manager's capacity to lead the team successfully.

The key lies in the manager's awareness of each team member's responsibilities, goals, and achievements. Understanding these aspects and the challenges faced by each team member empowers the manager to make informed decisions on various issues. For example, if a piece of code encounters errors that the team cannot resolve collectively, it is not expected that the manager should possess the technical know-how to fix it personally. Instead, their responsibility is to identify someone within the organisation who can address the issue.

Regardless of the task's complexity, the boss must ensure they support their team members in every possible way. Breaking down intricate processes into simple, understandable terms becomes crucial. Offering simplified explanations and visual aids can facilitate a better understanding of your boss regarding the intricacies involved.

3) Misalignment of Expectations

It's common to have misunderstandings and confusion between your team and your boss, especially when there is a misalignment of expectations. If your boss has a different vision or expectation for your team's role and responsibilities, it's essential to address and clarify these expectations early on.

This will help to prevent confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Regularly revisiting and aligning goals can also help to foster a better understanding of your team's contributions and promote a more harmonious work environment.

4) Limited Visibility, Better understanding of Daily Operations

If your boss is more focused on high-level strategic planning and has limited visibility into the day-to-day operations of your team, they may find it difficult to understand the specific details of your work. To help them gain firsthand insight into your team's daily tasks, challenges, and achievements, consider organising periodic showcases or walkthroughs. This will provide your boss with the opportunity to have a better understanding of your team's work.

5) Insufficient Training and Onboarding

It's possible that bosses may not fully comprehend the work of their team due to insufficient training or onboarding procedures. If your team's responsibilities have changed or if there have been personnel changes, it is essential to keep your boss informed by providing comprehensive training sessions. This not only improves their comprehension but also supports a more informed and supportive leadership.

Take Away

Having a deeper understanding of teams and leadership is essential for a thriving workplace.

By addressing these common reasons for a lack of comprehension, you can work towards building stronger communication channels and ensuring that your boss appreciates the valuable contributions of your team.

Open dialogue, clear communication, and a commitment to transparency are key elements in closing the gap and creating a more cohesive and effective work environment.

It would be ideally a manager's role to ensure this daily process is put into action but it would show initiative to support your boss and prepare them for any change of events or things they should know.

It may not be that your boss is a useless sack of potatoes, but it could be that their superiors above are demanding and have no concept of what they even do.

James Mason profile image
by James Mason

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