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4 good reasons to work from home?

4 good reasons to work from home?

Hell yeah!!!

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by The Office Bantomime Team

Unfortunately, it's taken a global pandemic to enforce people to work from home. The technology has been available for some years, but many organisations insisted, despite VPN being a breakthrough in remote working that a majority of their workforce should remain working in the office. We know that some organisations were starting to realise the benefits of remote working and came on board with the idea earlier on. However, overcrowded trains and buses in rush hour, and car queues on roads and motorways, leading up to the end of 2019, proved business leaders wanted to keep an eye on their staff's performance.

It's been reported many businesses have been more productive with an even more effective workforce.

Benefits of working from home

  • Employees don't have to spend the extra time commuting
  • Employees are financially better without having to pay out on train fares, petrol for travelling to work.
  • Less interaction with people you don't like or had to face daily in the office
  • Less likely to be bullied
  • Opportunity to run personal errands at home, picking the kids up from school to help your partner or a trip to the dentist, MOT and doctor appointments

Are there any disadvantages to working from home?

  • Difficulty getting noticed when furthering your career prospects
  • Hands-on training and support from colleagues are not always obtainable
  • The social aspect and office banter might be missed by some
  • Seclusion for those people working from home alone could lead to struggles with mental health
  • The commute home can enable employees to turn off from work. Being at home constantly is like having the office in your house never quite getting away from it

What about the real advantages to working from home 😀

1) Have your children participate in your workday before or after school

Children are becoming even smarter these days with access to the internet and technology. Why not get them to carry out some of your admin tasks for you? They could even stand in for one of your meetings if you don't have to participate. Remember not to turn the camera on. It would also be a great way of introducing children into the workforce at an early age to understand the politics of the office world.  Just think! in the summer holidays, you can keep them busy helping you.

2) Make the bar your office environment

Imagine how productive you would be if you made the bar your office each day? Drinking alcohol while working will boost your confidence especially in high pressured meetings. Your mood would remain happy all day and you'd probably get a lot more done.

3) Work anywhere in the world

If you are smart there is a chance you can take holidays all year round and still manage to work. If you are an efficient worker you could get as much work completed before your working day. It might mean going to bed a little earlier but if you can get up at 5 am and start working, there is a chance you will get 4 hours of productivity done before you start the working day at 9 am. If you have a meeting scheduled for 1 pm and want to climb a mountain in the morning, then just do it. You can always stop off on a rock and log into the meeting. Just remember to try and get a good phone signal in case you're cut out from the meeting.

4) Gaming while working

It's pointless having a game console gathering dust if you are in the same room as it every day. It would be ludicrous not to play it. Well, you can if you play it at the appropriate times during the day. Training sessions can be ignored and will give you the best opportunity to destroy an end of the level big boss. Meetings are another opportunity as you can still participate in the meeting with your camera turned on. No one will suspect you are gaming. If you are brave enough you could attempt to play your console during your (one to one) or even in your appraisal meeting however, this will require a certain amount of talent to ensure your boss is aware you are interacting and acknowledging what is being said.


Is it ok to work from home?

What do you think? 😊

The Office Bantomime Team profile image
by The Office Bantomime Team

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